Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting

Conversion rate optimization is a frequently overlooked but extremely important part of the online marketing process. Improving conversion rates lift the effectiveness of all your marketing tactics, creating the potential to improve ROI across the board and make additional advertising and sales more viable.

Lifting conversion rates from 4% to 5% by testing a variety of different variables, from copy and headlines to images and incentives, would effectively improve your marketing efficiency by 20%.

For more background information, you can view the conversion rate optimization guide at LDM to become more educated on the service.

Here are a few elements we test that often lift conversion rates on websites, landing pages, and marketing campaigns. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and testing can be done on any major element along the conversion funnel.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are designed specifically to convert. Nearly every element on a landing page can be tested (including the overall landing page template), but here are a few of our favorite tests.

  • Headlines – That big text at the top of the page is important. We can try different variations of headlines to see which capture user attention the best and lead to conversions.
  • Videos – To use a video or not to use a video? Effective videos can engage users and make it easier for them to quickly learn about the product or service. We can test page variations that feature videos, or some that user it as a lesser element.
  • Call to Actions – Fill out a form? Subscribe to a newsletter? Download a white paper? What is the best way for you to capture your leads? We can help test a number of different methods to see which will get you the highest lead capture rate.
  • Incentives – Would users rather “Get a 10% discount code” or “Get free shipping”? Testing alternative incentives can help you determine which is the most attractive for users in your target market.
  • Forms – When it comes to forms, we like to weigh simplicity with getting enough information to quality the lead. What happens when we change the design of the form? Add or remove a form field? Make a form field required? There’s lots of testing to be done on forms, and since they’re vital at the end of the conversion process, improvements can have a dramatic effect.
  • Buttons – Get Started? Book Now? Buy!? Go? Subscribe? Green? Red? Blue? Big? Small? Believe it not, button text, size, and color can have a substantial impact on conversion rates.
  • Content – The content on the meat of your page can also be tested. Test completely different paragraphs, examples, or lengths to see what the perfect content area should look like.


Testing an entire website can be very intricate, since global elements can affect users throughout the navigation of the site. Cookie usage and well thought out tests are important when testing entire systems. The opportunities here are very different based on the website, but here are a few good ones to get you started.

  • Checkout forms – One step checkout? Multiple steps? How many fields? How should the page be arranged? Checkout funnels take on a variety of different appearances, so figuring out what is best for your set of users is important when trying to maximize conversion rates.
  • Product Pages – The layout and information provided on product pages can be tested for the most effective variation. Test sales, add to carts, or engagement on the product pages to see which combination leads to the best results.
  • Category Pages – The goal of category pages is to navigate users to product pages where they are likely to convert. Testing different layouts to minimize exits and improve the accuracy of next page navigation can have a positive impact on sales and leads.
  • Prices – Not sure how to price your product? Try different prices and discount models to see what leads to the most profit.
  • Sidebars & Secondary Content – Like to promote your other products or services throughout the website? Whether you have widgets for recommended products, related products, best sellers, or even ads for different services, it’s good to know what impact those are having on users.

Marketing Campaigns

Testing is a very natural part of most digital marketing campaigns. Any ad manager worth her salt is going to be a/b testing different Adwords ads, Facebok ad copy, and images used in these campaigns. Developing an effective testing campaign leads to continuous campaign improvement as KPI’s improve throughout the testing process.

  • Ad copy – What does your ad say? Whatever it is – it’s pretty important. So test multiple variations of your messaging to determine what works the best for each market segment you are targeting.
  • Images – If you are using display network advertising, website advertising, or visual social network advertising, testing different images should be done in the same way.
  • Banner designs – Similarly, banner designs for display networks can be tested. Not only are you testing the messaging and images, but how the banner is designed and presented.
  • Call to Actions – Same as above: what call to actions do users respond the best to?
  • Incentives – Same as above: what incentives interest users the most?
  • Targeting Options – Another fundamental part to marketing campaigns is who you are targeting. On search campaigns this targeting starts with keywords but can include demographic, geographic, device, and other adjustments. For display network and website campaigns, this information can be based on where you’re advertising, the demographics you’re targeting, interests, topics, and a number of other variables offered by these networks.

Those are a lot of opportunities to improve performance, and just think how a 10% improvement in conversion rates can impact your marketing results! Conversion rate optimization is a constantly evolving process. We develop testing plans for clients to approach it in an intelligent way, focusing on big changes first and moving to smaller testing changes to make sure results are relevant as multiple tests are performed. Since the interaction of elements can change the performance, we approach our plans in a very specific way to make the most of our opportunities.

Ready to get started with conversion rate optimization? Send us a message at and we’ll take a look at your current marketing efforts to see where you will be likely to improve performance.